German town transforms its traffic lights into Elvis lights in celebration of link to singer

To commemorate the "Love me Tender" singer's link to Friedberg, located north of Frankfurt, local authorities have transformed three traffic lights into Elvis lights.

"Elvis belongs to Friedberg. As long as I can remember, he was always here and he also made his first career steps here," said one passer by in Germany, admiring Friedberg's transformed traffic lights.

The city's local authority commemorated Elvis Presley's link to Friedberg, north of Frankfurt, by changing three traffic lights into Elvis lights.

The jailhouse rocker performed his military service in the area between 1958 and 1960 and the town already has a Elvis statue on a roundabout.

On red, they now show the 'Love Me Tender' singer standing at a microphone.

On green, Elvis performs his trademark hip shake on his tiptoes.