Abrunhosa gets spiritual with new duets collection

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By Wolfgang Spindler  & Robert Hackwill
Abrunhosa gets spiritual with new duets collection

"Espiritual" is the title of Pedro Abrunhosa's new album, as he says, "a collection of songs about love to fight the hate."

The Portuguese singer-songwriter features six duets on the album. "Amor Em Tempo Muros",  literally "love in a time of walls",  features Mexico's Lila Downs.

"We live in a time of walls, because others impose them on us, but in reality we can live times of love. These two worlds co-exist. We are part of them and we must choose on which side we are," says Abrunhosa.

"I wanted a Spanish voice and it had to be someone from that region; someone iconic. And Lila Downs is very much an advocate of the [Mexican] border and migration issues and therefore represents that universe."

Abrunhosa also duets with the former French first lady and singer-songwriter Carla Bruni.

"I recorded with Carla Bruni in Paris. She came directly from a Dolce Gabana fashion show in Milan and it was curious because she quickly changed the character surrending herself to the producer - in this case, me - she very generously performed the song with an admirable lightness and quickness being directed very simply in her voice and posture."

"Espiritual" is Abrunhosa's eighth album, and while it is full of things to say about an age in which, he says, we are living in "deep spiritual agony" it remains a collection of heartfelt songs.