Brexit borders: 'There’s never going to be a deal that suits everybody'

Bryan Carter in Scotland
Bryan Carter in Scotland
By Bryan Carter

Bryan Carter travels to Carlisle and heads north into Scotland

Bryan Carter's trip across the United Kingdom’s borders took him a few miles south of Scotland, to the English city of Carlisle. 

Immigration was a key issue for voters two years ago. Polish mother of two Paulina, who has lived in Britain for 14 years, said she is concerned about the future:

"I’m just worried. Like everybody. If you ask anyone from the EU, everybody will give you the same answer. We pay taxes, we pay everything, so we are clear. So I hope everything will be on good way, and the law it will be the same for every people…so fingers crossed."

One of Paulina’s customer, Acha, born in Scotland and raised by Polish parents, is also worried about what leaving the EU might mean for her community.

"A lot have gone back home, an awful lot have gone back home. Which is good in one way: that they have gone back where their roots are. But on the other hand, I think you know they have given so much to this country as well, and they’ve got such a fantastic name, the Poles, regarding their work ethic, their work ethic is amazing, which I am so proud of that.

North of the Border, Bryan met farmer Graham Ray who has spent his life living and working in rural Scotland:

"There’s never going to be a Brexit deal that suits everybody, that’s why the vote was reasonably close. There’s never going to be a deal that suits everybody but we’ve got to embrace now, and get on with it," he said.

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