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Raw Politics: Is Macron's u-turn enough to quell the 'gilets jaunes' protests?

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By Euronews
Raw Politics: Is Macron's u-turn enough to quell the 'gilets jaunes' protests?

In an attempt to stem the "gilets jaunes" ("yellow vest") protests in France, President Emmanuel Macron put off fuel tax hikes for six months.

But is it enough to appease the movement, which is now in its third week of demonstrations?

On Raw Politics, Euronews Correspondent Anelise Borges spoke to protesters in the northern French city of Lille, who told her they do not want to speak to Macron and will continue to protest.

In the studio, French MEP for the Les Republicans party, Angelique Delahaye, told the show: "It is a pity for me to see our French citizens in this way of life."

She added that the increase in taxes, not just for fuel, is "just a small thing" and that there is "no justice" for them in waiting six months.

Brian Maguire, a reporter at Euractiv, said 50% of French people survive on less than €1,700 per month, while tax cuts are given to the wealthy.

In defence of Macron, Euronews' political editor Darren McCaffrey said protests are common in France and reforms have been an issue before Macron's time in office.

The protests have spread across the globe, to Brussels, Serbia, and Iraq. The Cube takes a look at what they are demonstrating against.

You can watch the 'gilets jaunes' debate in the video player, above.