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NASA has found a rectangular iceberg

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By Pauline Bock
NASA's photo of a tabular iceberg in the Antarctic
NASA's photo of a tabular iceberg in the Antarctic   -   Copyright  Twitter/@NASA_ICE

A rectangular iceberg has been photographed in the Antarctic.

The iceberg's sharp angles and flat surface indicate that it probably recently calved from the ice shelf.

Kelly Brunt, an ice scientist with NASA and at the University of Maryland, explained to Live Science that the weirdly shaped iceberg was probably a "tabular" iceberg. "Tabular" icebergs are wide, long and flat bergs that split from the edges of ice shelves, she explained.

This iceberg was formed from the Larsen C ice shelf on the Antarctic Peninsula, in a process that Brunt described as "a bit like a fingernail growing too long and cracking off at the end". This process often makes them look like a scare, in a rectangular and geometric shape.