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Portugal: Aquarius migrants settle

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By Louise Miner  & Filipa Soares
Portugal: Aquarius migrants settle

Portugal has received 46 migrants from the Aquarius rescue ship in the last weeks.

Nine of them, from Somalia, are living in a social residence in Miranda do Corvo, a small village in the center of Portugal.

Aydarous Mohamed, refugee says, "I chose to come here to Portugal".

Filipa Soares, Euronews says, “What did you know about Portugal before, besides Ronaldo?”

Aydarous Mohamed answers, "Portugal, I knew it when I watched Euro 2016.

Hamze Hassan, refugee says, "I like Portugal. It’s a beautiful country".

Aydarous Mohamed, refugee says, "We get everything (in Portugal): health, food"

Hamze Hassan, refugee says, "Everything is really good! This house is good."

During 18 months these 18-year-old refugees from Somalia will benefit from help from the ADFP foundation in several provinces, working within a framework from an agreement with the Immigration and Borders Service.

Rita Lemos, ADFP Foundation says, "We have an agreement with the Immigration and Borders Service, in which they receive some kind of monetary aid. We go with them to the doctor’s appointments and, if the needs arise, to the hospital. If they need to go to school, we help them with that as well. Then, we help them to find a job, with the integration in the labour market, in school and in professional training."

Refugee Fawzi Rasheed works in the foundation and says, “This Foundation has received dozens of migrants, since 2015. Some of them already have an autonomous life, with a house and a job. Fawzi Rasheed, a Kurdish (original from Syria) refugee who has lost his first wife and son in the war in Syria, is one of the cases of a successful integration”.

Fawzi Rasheed, refugee adds, "I have many friends here. I know everyone and everyone knows me. I consider this Foundation is my family."

Filipa Soares, Euronews says, "Miranda do Corvo, in the center of Portugal, has already received 68 migrants, but 24 didn’t want to stay, despite all the support they received, and they left for other European countries, namely Germany. Filipa Soares in Portugal for Euronews."