Watch: Waterspout spotted on Lake Zurich, Switzerland

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By Seana Davis  with Credit: @OKindhauser via Storyful
Watch: Waterspout spotted on Lake Zurich, Switzerland

A waterspout has been spotted on Lake Zurich, Switzerland.

The natural phenomenon occurred on August 26 after parts of Austria, Switzerland and Italy experienced a dramatic shift in weather conditions.

Although the weather on the lake remained at 23°C, air temperature measured only 9°C, which led to the creation of the vortex over the water.

Parts of Italy and Austria were struck with a cold spell on August 25, with Obertauern, a ski resort in Salzburg, coated with 40 centimetres of snow.

Warm conditions have returned over the week with temperatures in Zurich reaching 27°C this afternoon.

Waterspouts differ from their on-land counterparts, tornados, by commonly being much weaker in strength.

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