Catalonian town remembers victims of terror attacks one year on

Catalonian town remembers victims of terror attacks one year on
By Mark Armstrong

The Catalonian coastal town of Cambrils held a remembrance service one year after terrorists killed 16 people and injured many more in attacks there and in Barcelona

The Catalan town of Cambrils held a service on Saturday to remember the victims of terrorist attacks a year ago that started in Barcelona and ended in the coastal resort. Sixteen people died and over 120 were injured when Islamic State group militants drove vehicles into crowds in both places.

All the attackers were either shot dead by police or arrested. The service in Cambrils was attended by the President of Catalonia, Quim Torra:

"Only through the path of harmony, coexistence, peace, fraternity, will we be a united group of people. We have to fight against any attack to those values. I believe that Cambrils, a year ago, today and throughout this year, has been an example of precisely what it means to live in harmony and in peace."

On Friday a similar ceremony took place at the scene of the attack on Barcelona's famous La Rambla boulevard. That service was attended by the Spanish king, Felipe VI, despite the recent political tensions between Catalonian independence supporters and the government in Madrid. Both Catalonian and Spanish flags could be seen flying at both ceremonies.

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