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Nicaragua: Is it on the brink of a new revolution

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By Louise Miner
Nicaragua: Is it on the brink of a new revolution

Three months into a wave of protests which has engulfed Nicaragua, some in the Central American country are saying that it's on the brink of a new revolution.

An unidentified member of the paramilitary groups says, "I am a normal resident. Here, we, the residents had to free ourselves. There are no paramilitary groups here. Daniel Ortega (President of Nicaragua) has nothing to do here. The people rose up in search of their freedom."

Silvio Cerda is a local resident and says, “A country cannot be changed through violence. To change a country, I think there are legal ways or through the political parties. It's a political battle and if the opposition can win that battle then good power is given to them, and they go into power but it's not about breaking the country to change the government."

More than 350 people have been killed since the anti-government protests began in April.

While members of the security forces are among the dead, human rights organisations say most of the victims have been unarmed civilians.

Although President Daniel Ortega was on the side of the revolutionaries during the revolution of 1979, many have accused him of being too heavy handed with demonstrators and have begun comparing the socialist leader to the brutal dictator he overthrew.