EU Summit: Leaders claim breakthrough migration deal

REUTERS/Yves Herman
REUTERS/Yves Herman
By Euronews
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After marathon talks that ran into Friday morning, Eu leaders claim they have agreed to a breakthrough migration deal, but is it a feasible solution? Euronews takes a look.


European leaders say they reached a breakthrough deal on migration on Friday. Talks ran overnight and here's what they agreed:

  • "Controlled centres" will be set up in member states, on a voluntary basis, as asylum processing sites. It was not immediately known which countries would take part. 

  • All member states agreed to share responsibility for migrants at sea but the agreement also says measures need to be taken to curb migrant movement within the bloc

  • Explore the idea of regional disembarkation platforms

Good Morning Europe's Bryan Carter explains the draft proposals:


'We've seen a lot of what's in this text before'

But as Politico's Ryan Heath told Good Morning Europe, one Prime Minister at the summit told him: "There is no sense that this new budget can be agreed by the next European elections."


Reactions in Europe

Spain's new Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez welcomed the migration deal. He said in a tweet:

"It was important for us to reach an agreement and that's what we did in the European Council in the hours of today. The European Union is starting to head in the right direction: giving a European perspective on the European challenge that is migration."


Malta's prime minister said: "EU Member States agreed that vessels operating in the Mediterranean must respect the applicable laws."


French President Emmanuel Macron tweeted: "Many predicted the triumph of national solutions on the migration subject. Tonight we managed to get a European solution."


A thin political fix?

Others were less convinced by the deal:


And NGOs said that trapping people inside Libya is "not a solution."

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