Historic tax levels needed to fund UK health system

Historic tax levels needed to fund UK health system
By Euronews

UK households could pay up to £2,000 more per household per year in tax

British taxpayers may face a tax hike £2,000 per household per year to help the health service deal with an ageing population. This would increase taxation in the UK to historically high levels.

It's estimated that by 2034, there will be 4.4 million more people in the UK aged 65 and over.

All political parties accept that NHS funding needs to be increased over the coming years but a new study says the resources needed far outstrip any tax pledges already made.

The prime minister has promised a long-term funding plan for the NHS.

This is expected to cover the next decade and could be announced as soon as next month.

In the past, Britain has paid for increased health spending on health by cuts in other departments such as defence.

But the study say there is no more room to make cuts in other areas.

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