Dolls' heads pop up in UK potholes in repair plea

Dolls' heads pop up in UK potholes in repair plea
Copyright Neville Daytona
By Stephanie Burnett
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Fed up with potholes in the Southwest of England, one resident took it on himself to place children's dolls heads in potholes, the amusement of many residents.


Dolls' heads have been popping up in the southwest of England after one resident took it upon himself to try and fix a problem with potholes.

Neville Daytona told Euronews he was "getting fed up with the pothole" in Wroughton, a town in Wiltshire near to him, and decided to fill it with dolls' heads to cause "amusement" among residents.

He said he was tired of getting mad with the potholes and used the heads bought from a charity shop to do something amusing for residents, making it look as though someone had fallen down the hole.

Neville Daytona

Potholes have become a frequent nuisance for many road users in southwest England after the so-called Beast from the East hit the region. Heavy snow and bad weather this winter has taken a toll on the roads.

Mr Daytona says every journey he takes is affected by potholes and he often has to swerve them on his motorcycle.

The first doll head stood there for a week, but was later taken away. Dayton then filled the hole with a second more glammed-up mannequin.

The local council has since promised to fix the hole which has been there for months. Daytona said it got worse after the council previously fixed it.

But Neville is keeping onto his dolls heads to see if this time the pothole will be fixed for good.

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