Soros defends funding anti-Brexit groups

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By Euronews
Soros defends funding anti-Brexit groups

Billionaire industrialist George Soros has defended his decision to fight Brexit.

Last week, Soros put his money where his mouth is and donated more than seven thousand pounds to anti-Brexit groups.

The businessman has been blasted in UK press and told to 'butt out' of British politics.

In his defense, he says the referendum on membership was a fatal error egged on by unscrupulous agitators.

Britain outside Europe, he says, will lose much of its global influence and will suffer because 45 years of successful integration will go into reverse.

The 87-year-old said Brexiteers did not win the referendum with a decisive enough majority and the outcome did not justify the major changes to ties with the EU.

Mr Soros was said to be so angry at the criticism he's considering a further six-figure donation;