Who likes living in the EU most?

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Who likes living in the EU most?

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Europeans are happier with living in the bloc than they were five years ago, according to a Brussels survey.

Nearly eight in 10 people (78 percent) surveyed said they were content with life in the European Union, according to a Eurobarometer poll.

That’s up two percent on 2012’s figures.

The results will be a boost for Brussels as they grapple to contain the fallout from the Brexit referendum.

Happiness with life in the EU is highest in Luxembourg, Ireland, Denmark, Netherlands and Sweden.

It’s lowest in Hungary and the Czech Republic.

But while Hungarians are not as happy with their lot as other Europeans, things are improving, according to the survey.

Five years ago, just 31 percent were content with life, compared with 57 percent now, the second biggest leap in the EU after Portugal.

Slovakia, Italy, UK, Malta and Poland were unhappier compared with 2012.