World's 'heaviest man' has surgery to halve his weight

World's 'heaviest man' has surgery to halve his weight
By Ana De Oliva
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The 33-year-old has weighed as much as 595 kilos


The world’s heaviest man is on a mission to lose half of his body weight.

Juan Pedro Franco, 33, has battledobesity since his teenage years, weighing as much as 595 kilos (1,311 pounds). Weighing this much has led to him to be bed-ridden for the past seven years.

Franco and his doctors are now on a mission to cut down his weight to 120 kilos. To achieve this, the first step was to follow a three-month diet in a clinic, which has led the Mexican to successfully shed 175 kilos.

This loss has already improved Franco’s quality of life.

“To be able to move more, to sit on the bed by myself, to lie in the bed by myself. These are things that I couldn’t do, to get into bed alone. Now there is a little more movement, there is more freedom and I’m starting to move more. I started to take two, three steps and this has made me very happy and motivated,” he said.

Losing weight has also made Franco’s surgery possible and he is now undergoing intensive therapy on the route to recovery.

Doctors will closely evaluate Franco’s progress, keeping in mind that the goal may be subject to change.

“We need to remember he has two tumours in his legs, he will have excess skin and this represents a weight that can’t currently be quantified,” Franco’s Doctor Jorge Castaneda explained.

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