Swastika-shaped Trump effigy set on fire in Manila

Hundreds of protesters in Manila burned an effigy of US president Donald Trump on Monday, in protest against his visit to the Philippines for a regional summit.

The demonstrators paraded the mock-up of the president, with four arms forming a Nazi-like swastika, and held banners reading “Ban Trump in the Philippines”.

Trump was joining his Philippine counterpart Rodrigo Duterte and other world leaders at the 31st ASEAN (Association for Southeast Asian Nations) summit.

Protesters tried to march close to the summit’s venue, but were blocked by riot police, who used water cannon to disperse the crowd.

Ensuing clashes left several people mildly injured.

Protest leader Renato Reyes of New Patriotic Alliance said the demonstrators opposed the meeting between Trump and Duterte because they believed it would not provide any benefits to the Filipinos.

“This is a meeting between two presidents with a very bad, fascist mindset, and that is why we use the Trump fascist spinner with the swastika depicting the fascist orientation of the Trump regime,” he said.