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This video of man dropping new iPhone X is too hard to watch

This video of man dropping new iPhone X is too hard to watch
By Selina Sykes
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Warning to Apple fans: this video is painful to watch.


A lot of people will know that gutt-wrenching feeling when you drop your phone and see that the screen is broken.

But not this man. Video footage shows him performing a ‘drop test’ on the new iPhone X – much to the outcry of social media users.

The video posted to Twitter shows the man repeatedly dropping the much sought after device which has a price tag of over 1,100 euros.

A Drop & the #iPhoneX Glass Smashes. This Video is part of the Drop Test.

Video via Eddy Cheng.

— Amit Bhawani (@amitbhawani) 3 novembre 2017

The phone survives two drops before completing shattering on the third attempt.

The man then tears the backing off the phone, showing a large hole.

Social media users were not impressed by the video, arguing such a valuable item should be not so carelessly destroyed.

The man in the video is apparently not the only consumer to have bought the new iPhone only to break it.

Other videos from China show people smashing their phones.

One unlucky iPhone customer was showing off his new iPhone when it accidentally slipped out of his hands.

Someone dropped their #iPhoneX already and it’s painful to watch

— Trusted Reviews ?? (@trustedreviews) 3 novembre 2017

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