Robber shoots at his own reflection and wounds sidekick

Robber shoots at his own reflection and wounds sidekick
By Ana De Oliva

One of the most imperfect crimes in history?

A would-be robber wounded an accomplice after shooting at his own reflection in the mirror during a break in.

The bungle occurred earlier this week in the town of Ibicoara, Brazil.

“As you go through the entrance, there’s a mirror. All evidence indicates that one of them got scared at his own reflection and pulled the trigger”, police chief officer Marco Torres told local media.

As the robber fired several shots at the mirror, one bullet ricocheted and hit his sidekick’s arm.

The wounded suspect fled and went to a hospital at Barra Estiva, 20 kilometres from where the incident took place.

As they rushed off, both robbers left their guns behind at the scene.

The firearms were found by the residents, one of whom was in the house during the incident but who was not harmed.

The wounded suspect was captured in the hospital while the robber who shot him is still being sought by police.

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