Beat the blues with goat yoga

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By Robert Hackwill
Beat the blues with goat yoga

I kid you not, but goat yoga is a thing. It is a fast-growing segment of the wellbeing industry, picking up speed in America where workshops are springing up in cities and many farms in relatively poor rural areas are realising it is a nice little earner.

Some may bleat that it is a gimmick and gruffly dismiss it, but it seems very popular.

“We had 120 tickets on the first round of classes, and we posted that, they were going on sale at 6 o’clock on a certain date, and at 6 o’clock 2000 people tried to buy those tickets. It shut down the server and we
sold out the tickets in four seconds,” said one class organiser.

If laughter is the best medicine these classes have it all , even if indoors there are a few disadvantages with droppings and the like, but practicing goat yoga outdoors cures that, and the goats have other things to nibble on instead of chewing at adept’s leggings.

“There are different ways that people can bring yoga into their lives, and if it includes goats, and that makes yoga more accessible, right?” said one woman.