Latest North Korean missile test sparks Western fury

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By Euronews
Latest North Korean missile test sparks Western fury

The latest test-firing by North Korea of a intermediate range missile has provoked a furious reaction from the West, South Korea and other regional powers.

Pyongyang said Sunday’s launch had been a success and that the missile could now potentially be mass-produced.

But South Korea is seeking to cast doubt on that claim.

“South Korean and U.S. intelligence authorities believe North Korea has secured meaningful data in enhancing the credibility of its missile technology. But further verification is needed to determine whether the North has mastered the re-entry technology for missile warheads,” said a spokesman at the office of South Korea’s joint chiefs of staff.

Both the United States and Japan have warned of further diplomatic and economic retaliation on North Korea.

A senior Japanese official said his country would target the reclusive state’s foreign currency earnings.

The UN Security Council has hastily scheduled a closed-door meeting on Tuesday to discuss North Korea’s latest flouting of the international community’s will.