Final fractious TV debate alienates French voters

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By Christopher Cummins  with Agencies
Final fractious TV debate alienates French voters

Media outlets and the residents of the French capital have been reacting to the final fractious TV debate ahead of Sunday’s presidential election.

Both candidates, frontrunner Emanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen traded barb after barb.

The unpleasant nature of the debate appeared to alienate Parisian voters: “It was relatively disappointing. It was a very low level debate, not good ahead of the second round. There were insults and little detail. It was a battle against one another. Frankly I expected better,” said one Parisian, another claimed the debate irrelevant: “It was repetitive, a stream of insults from one to the other. It won’t change to outcome of the election.”

For this woman the nature of the debate was a turn off:
“It was a heated debate and that is why I switched off, the aggression bothered me.”

Despite the criticisms pundits, papers, pollsters and people declared Macron the victor.