Le Pen sets out stall as the FN climbs to first place in French presidential polls

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By Robert Hackwill
Le Pen sets out stall as the FN climbs to first place in French presidential polls

The frontrunning candidate in France’s May presidential election, the far-right’s Marine Le Pen, has been grilled on TV with her National Front party polling some 25%.

This should ensure she wins the first round and goes into the second. She was questioned on her controversial policy measures. Would she, like the newly-elected Donald Trump, impose a travel ban?

“The question you ask me is: ‘is this part of your project?’ My answer is no.”
I don’t see the point at this moment to implement that, but if tomorrow, if I’m elected president of the republic, the French security services come to tell me that a terrorist attack is imminent and planned by residents from a certain country that will arrive in France, then I will do everything to assure the security of the French,” she said.

She was also questioned on her economic policy, which has been slammed for its protectionism, lack of realism, and old fashioned French state dirigisme.

“I would do the same as Mr Trump who succeeded in obtaining the relocating of plenty of US companies. I would explain to companies who are not willing to construct their cars in France, the moment they import their cars to France, they will be taxed. By how much, we will see,” she said.

The traditional French right appears to have a problem as in a Friday poll 70% of the people wanted its candidate, former prime minister Francois Fillon, to pull out of the race over corruption allegations. In the meantime, the FN pulls in the crowds.

This recent video shows how Le Pen welcomes questions about alleged corruption in her party, asking a venue’s security guards to give the bum’s rush to a TF1 journalist.