Tributes redouble as Debbie Reynolds joins daughter in posterity

Tributes redouble as Debbie Reynolds joins daughter in posterity
By Robert Hackwill

Heartbroken Debbie Reynolds joins her daughter Carrie Fisher in the long and rattling list of 2016 celebrity deaths.

With Debbie Reynolds’ extinguished star joining her daughter’s in the firmament, tributes have redoubled for the famous family that is marking the end of this deathly year for celebrities.

Beyond being Carrie Fisher’s mother, Reynolds’ long career as an American sweetheart is being remembered.

“Debbie Reynolds, the girl next door. ‘Tammy and the Bachelor’, I remember the ‘Unsinkable Molly Brown’, which she was in. And her daughter dying yesterday and today, it’s just unbelievable, the worst year for Hollywood I can imagine, 2016 will go down in history”, said Hollywood’s “Unoffical Ambassador” Gregg Donovan.

So much of Reynolds’ life was determined by image, and there is a certain inevitability into the way hers has been sucked into the Star Wars juggernaut that supercharged her daughter’s career. Fans in movie costumes were out in force on Hollywood Boulevard in her honour, light sabres aloft in tribute.

“As far as Debbie dying, I mean, is there a more fitting end? She saw her daughter pass, this is a Hollywood family. Is there a more Hollywood ending than for the two of them to go together, sailing off into the sunset together?”

But the force was with Debbie long, long before it was dreamed up in a galaxy far, far away, and her fans, peers and colleagues have not forgotten it.

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