Xi calls for Chinese unity

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By Euronews
Xi calls for Chinese unity

China’s President Xi Jinping has appealed for unity to quell political unrest in Hong Kong and self-governing Taiwan.

Speaking on the 150th anniversary of the revered revolutionary leader Dr. Sun Yat-sen, Xi called on the nation to learn from his persistence in overthrowing feudal rules back at the turn of the 20th century.

“We will never allow any individual, any group and any party to separate any piece of Chinese territory from China in any way at any time,” said Xi.

He also added that Dr. Sun’s spirit is a great model for China and that all Chinese should “commit themselves to long-term unremitting hard work.”

There have been a number of protests both in support and against Beijing’s recent decision to reinterpret Hong Kong’s mini constitution or Basic Law which effectively barred two pro-independence lawmakers from taking office.

Calls for self-determination and independence have risen in the territory since the 79 day struggle in late 2014 when tens of thousands took to the streets for 79 days of protests against reforms that failed to deliver full democracy for leadership.