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'Keep the refugees and we'll send you blankets'

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By Euronews  with International Organization for Migration
'Keep the refugees and we'll send you blankets'

Greece’s Migration Minister has criticised some EU member states for allegedly refusing to accept their share of the 1,490 unaccompanied child migrants it is currently housing.

Yannis Mouzalas told euronews that while France, Germany and some other nations are cooperating, others show “incredible hypocrisy.”

Speaking from the opening of a new shelter for unaccompanied foreign minors in the south of Athens, Mouzalas added that of over 600 children who qualify for relocation, just 96 have been accepted in Europe.

Euronews’ Akis Tatsis asked him to specify which countries were refusing to help.

Akis Tatsis, euonews, Athens:

“Minister, from what you are saying those not participating in the relocation of minors are the countries which had already spoken out against the EU’s overall plan for migrants and refugees. Do you mean the Visegrad Group [Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia]?

Yannis Mouzalas, Greek Migration Minister

“You understand right, this is true. They do not participate in this process. And not only that, but they try to block it by starting legal proceedings in the European Court and also by launching a new model, called ‘flexible solidarity.’ What is this model? They say to us: ‘Keep the refugees and we shall send you blankets’.”