Video: Meet Pizza the world's 'saddest polar bear'

Video: Meet Pizza the world's 'saddest polar bear'
By Euronews

In a video released by animal rights group Humane Society International (HSI) last Thursday, Pizza, the world’s “saddest polar bear”, was purportedly showing signs of worsening mental health.

The three-year-old female bear resides at an aquarium, located in Grandview Shopping Mall in southern China, which has been making headlines concerning its alleged poor conditions since it opened in January.

A one-million-signature-strong petition, born from the HSI’s campaigning to close the aquarium, has resulted in Pizza being offered a new home in the United Kingdom at Yorkshire Wildlife Park in Doncaster.

The offer rests on the condition that Grandview agrees not to replace her with another polar bear or similar-sized animal, Hong Kong-based charity Animals Asia said on its website.

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