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Trump fails to impress Washington students in final US presidential debate

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By Euronews
Trump fails to impress Washington students in final US presidential debate

The final debate of the US presidential campaign is over and polls suggest Republican candidate Donald Trump is a flop with college-educated young voters.

In Washington in particular, he is expected to be overwhelmingly defeated by his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton. This is, after all, the city where Barack Obama won around 90 percent of the vote in 2012.

Euronews spoke to students at staff at Washington’s American University, to gauge the feeling during the debate.

“I just think that Trump doesn’t really support his arguments, he beats around the bush a lot, doesn’t really answer the questions. I think Hillary is definitely showing that she has more experience,” said one female voter.

A male voter added:
“I see on the screen progression and regression. I think Hillary represents progress, the kind of progress we want and need in this country. Donald Trump talks about a time [to] ‘Make America Great Again.’ I’m not sure what time he is referencing and I’m not sure whether this actually ever existed.”

“I would definitely say that Hillary Clinton is winning right now. I think that Donald Trump continues to go out on random tangents and I don’t think that he is providing any type of substance, any type framework to help our country thrive,” continued another female voter.

Stefan Grobe, euronews’ correspondent in Washington, appeared to agree that Clinton was the stronger candidate on the night.

“Trump limped into this final debate battered, bruised and beaten in the polls. Only a top-notch debate performance or a total meltdown by Clinton would have reversed the odds of him winning the White House. It did not happen,” he said.