Thousands of pro-EU campaigners march through central London

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By Euronews
Thousands of pro-EU campaigners march through central London

Thousands of pro-Europe campaigners gathered in cities across the UK on Saturday to protest against Brexit, the UK’s decision to leave the European Union following a June referendum.

Britain’s prime minister insists “Brexit means Brexit” but has not yet invoked what’s known as Article 50 to start the process.

Protesters called on Britain to negotiate stronger unity with the EU.

“This is also a national movement, now,” said the rally’s co-organiser Fabien Riggall. “Six different cities are marching today, and these people here are representing millions of other people. People have lost a little bit their trust and perhaps the belief in the political system, they don’t think necessarily that things could change. We believe that things can change, that people have a right to have a discourse on what’s gonna happen in Europe.”

Political commentator Owen Jones addressed a crowd at the rally.

“The people who led the leave campaign, it’s up to them to spell out in quite clear terms what sort of agreement is on the table .. at the moment it’s just not clear…”

Owen Jones’s speech

“If we can do anything to resist this, there are all sorts of channels for resisting it, via, say, the House of Lords, constitutional challenges, legal challenges, even the EU itself,” said academic Ben Fairbairin. “Possibly a second vote, you never know. Point being if we just lay down and let this thing happen, then we’re basically guaranteed for them to let us take out of the EU on the worst possible terms.”

A debate is planned in parliament tomorrow (September 5) on whether a second EU referendum should take place.

Comedian Eddie Izzard said: “£350m a week was promised to go to the NHS… Nigel Farage said next day it was a lie. Getting elected on a lie?… Nigel Farage is now with Donald Trump who is bonkers…”

March for Europe protests were held in London, Cardiff, Oxford, Birmingham and Edinburgh.

During the London march, a group of counter demonstrators chanted “Brexit now” as the crowds walked past Downing Street. Anti-Brexit protesters responded by booing and yelling “shame on you.”