Do you have a question about the US Democratic Party convention?

Do you have a question about the US Democratic Party convention?
By Euronews
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Do you have a question you’d like answered about the US Democratic party, Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders? Our Washington correspondent Stefan Grobe will be answering some of your questions in a Facebook Live session after the 2016 Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia this Thursday, July 28 at 5PM CET.

Have you got something to ask?

Send your questions to Stefan Grobe using #AskStefan on Twitter, or add it to the comment section of this Facebook post.

If you could ask one question about the Democratic primary, what would it be? Use

— euronews (@euronews) July 26, 2016

Questions you have already asked

Question for #AskStefan – does Michelle Obama have long-term political ambitions herself?

— Jeremy Wilks (@WilksJeremy) July 26, 2016

#AskStefan How can you continue calling yourself the 'democratic' party when you literally stole the election away from #BernieSanders?

— instant kamra (@hatchedague) July 26, 2016

euronews</a> <a href="">#DemsInPhilly</a> What did <a href="">HillaryClinton say in the $225k speech to Goldman Sachs? #AskStefan#BernieOrBust

— ILIR Aus Cranston (@ILIRausCranston) July 26, 2016

euronews</a> what role would <a href="">BernieSanders play in #HRC's #Administration? #DemsInPhilly

— Anca (@Anca_R_Badea) July 26, 2016

#AskStefan Europe is one of the US's oldest allies. How would H. Clinton assist in the problems that the EU currently is facing?

— Daniel March (@StockSprinting) July 27, 2016

Keep them coming…

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