'Rest in peace, champ': the world remembers Muhammad Ali

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By Euronews  with Twitter, Reuters
'Rest in peace, champ': the world remembers Muhammad Ali

The world is mourning boxing great Muhammad Ali.

He shook up the world and the world's better for it.

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Impromptu memorials are taking place across the globe with everyone from the United Nations to the US president paying tribute to the heavyweight champion.

Fellow boxing champion Vitaly Klitschko said:
“He is a legendary person. He was (an)example for hundred(s) of millions of people around the world. The person who did for sport, for boxing, more than anyone. Deep condolences for all relatives. And I want to say Muhammad Ali is still alive. His spirit, his idea is still alive in our heart.”

Ali was remembered with fondness in Kinshasa, in the now-Democratic Republic of Congo, where he famously knocked out the previously-undefeated George Foreman.

“Boxing gained in value here thanks to him. He encouraged many young people to start boxing and brought attention to our country, Zaire at the time,” said one man.

Married four times, Muhammad Ali had nine children.

Family, friends and national and international figures are expected to gather for his funeral service.

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Testimonials are also pouring in across the social networks, with many using the hashtag #GOAT (Greatest Of All Time).