Clinton wins in Kentucky, Sanders takes Oregon

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By Catherine Hardy  with Reuters
Clinton wins in Kentucky, Sanders takes Oregon
  • Clinton gets narrow win in Kentucky
  • Sanders takes Oregon
  • Scroll down for the latest on delegate numbers

Clinton on-the-nose in Kentucky

Hillary Clinton has had a narrow win in the Kentucky primary.

With the majority of votes counted, the former first lady was only 0.5% ahead.

Democratic presidential hopeful Clinton has a significant lead in the number of delegates.

She remains the front-runner to be nominated as the party’s presidential candidate in June.

What about Bernie Sanders?

Clinton’s main opponent, Bernie Sanders, has won the primary in Oregon.

He has refused to give up the fight. Resisting pressure to bow out, he says he will be in the contest “until the last ballot is cast”.

“When we began this campaign a little over a year ago, we were 60 points behind Secretary Clinton in the polls. We had no political organisation, no money, very little name recognition. The media and the pundits determined that we were a ‘fringe’ candidacy. Well, a lot has changed in the last year,” Sanders told reporters.

Both Democrat candidates are now heading into the “delegate-rich” California primary next month.

Analysts are reading the neck-and-neck primary race between the pair as an indication of how divided the party is.

Delegate tracker

Democrats (need 2,383 to win)

  • Hillary Clinton – 2,291
  • Bernie Sanders – 1,528

Republicans (need 1,237 to win)

  • Donald Trump – 1,160

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