Creativity vs. Brexit: sending the message

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By Euronews
Creativity vs. Brexit: sending the message

As the date of the Brexit referendum approaches the campaigns for leaving the EU or staying accelerate. The more ferocious the PR war the more creative the weapons employed by either side. Here are some of the unusual ones.

Word of mouth

As with any issue social media is proving to be highly influential. Out of the many examples here’s just one: a scene from Monty Python’s Life of Brian with theme-matching subtitles.

Pro-EU musical

The producers of UKIP! The musicalclaim they did have some sympathy for the EU-sceptic party and its leader Nigel Farage. Torn by its own internal conflicts the UK Independence Party seems to be unable to decide which ‘leave’ campaign to support. The show having premiered at Edinburgh Festival Fringe was on in London’s Waterloo East Theatre in the first week of April.


This campaign takes the Brexit-issue to a continental level: it urges citizens of EU countries living in the UK to act. All who are desperate for Britain to remain in the union can take part in the #hugabrit initiative. They are urged to post a photo of themselves hugging a British citizen on the campaign’s webpage or Facebook account. There’s a double challenge involved in this apparently simply human gesture; not only do they have to overcome EU-sceptism but also the traditional British reticence of physical contact with a stranger.