British PM denies any offshore interests

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By Euronews
British PM denies any offshore interests

British Prime Minister David Cameron has denied he or his family gain any additional income from offshore funds.

The leaked ‘Panama Papers’ indicate his father Ian had set up an investment fund with the assistance of the Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca.

Speaking in Birmingham the prime minister said:
“I have a salary as prime minister and I have some savings, which I get some interest from and I have a house, which we used to live in, that we now let out while we’re in Downing Street and that’s all I have. I have no shares, no offshore trusts, no offshore funds, nothing like that”

The documents detail that Ian Cameron, who died in 2010, was one of five directors of Blairmore Holdings, which was registered in the Bahamas to protect it from British tax laws.

The Labour Party has called for an inquiry into the allegations and leader Jeremy Corbyn expressed his desire to see an end to tax havens: “This week the publishing of the Panama Papers drives home what more and more people feel, quite simply it’s this; It’s one rule for the rich and one rule for everybody else. And it’s therefore high time that we got tough on tax havens.”

The Labour leader says he will make public his tax returns and called on the prime minister to publish his.