And also...Turkish 'Santa' undercover police, Diamond cakes, Granny's virtual reality encounter.

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By Euronews
And also...Turkish 'Santa' undercover police, Diamond cakes, Granny's virtual reality encounter.

Every Friday journalists from euronews’ various language teams share a selection of local stories from Europe and beyond which did not reach the international headlines.

Can you feel their presence? Turkish police adopt festive disguise

Turkish police officers have devised a novel way of going undercover – cunningly disguised in Santa costumes!

Officers in Istanbul wore the festive outfits during New Year’s Eve patrols, Hurriyet Daily News reports

“Those inclined to commit crimes notice police officers but they are unaware of undercover officers,” said Zafer Baybaba, deputy head of the plainclothes branch. “In fact, we get to notice them.”

Grandma tries virtual reality for the first time

Youtube user, Mark Nutt, filmed his 88-year-old grandmother, Marie, hilarious reaction to watching a virtual reality roller coaster simulation over the holidays.

Russian man ‘dies’ after vodka drinking session, wakes up in morgue, carries on drinking

A man in Russia’s Far East woke up in a morgue after having been mistakenly declared dead, according to local reports.

He had earlier been drinking vodka with friends. After the “miraculous awakening,” he returned to the party.

The man, who had been mistakenly taken for dead, passed out after drinking too much, local Khasanskiye Vesti newspaper reported.

British bikers vows to protect flood victims from looters

Bikers clubs are patrolling the flood-stricken areas of Britain to deter looters from affected homes and businesses.

Members are reported to patrolled in 4×4s, vans and on foot – but not on motorcycles, which have been deemed too dangerous on roads which are not only covered in water, but also sewage.

France: Diamonds in king cake

Two bakers from the French town of Nancy have hidden two diamonds in the 800 festive ‘king cakes.’

To avoid valuable gems destroying customers’ teeth, or going missing, small imitation diamonds have been baked into the cakes.

Lucky customers can exchange their ‘fake’ diamond for a real 0.2 carat diamond, worth about 600 euros.

Each cake will be sold for 12 euros.

LuminAthens Christmas Festival

An artistic happening is stunning Athens’ citizens and guests: the 3D video projection mapping on the City Hall building in Kotzia Square. It is a part of LuminAthens Christmas Festival: a Christmas celebration of creative self-expression through high-tech means. The festival will transform Athens into a centre of contemporary art, and a bridge between classical culture and the future of art.


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