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US stealth destroyer Zumwalt underway for sea trial

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By Euronews
US stealth destroyer Zumwalt underway for sea trial

The newest, largest and most technically advanced US destroyer is at sea for trails, commanded by Captain James Kirk.

The US Navy has not taken the Star Trek references as far as naming it USS Enterprise, preferring to call it USS Zumwalt after an admiral.

The multimission ship has cost the equivalent of about 4 billion euros and, despite it being 180 metres long and weighing 15,000 tons, has been designed using stealth technology to appear no bigger than a small fishing boat on radar.

Its motors are electric powered, driven by an innovative integrated power system that may one day also support an array of energy-intensive weapons like lasers and electromagnetic rail guns.

It is intended to be capable of operating in shallow coastal waters, laying down fire to support forces on shore, as well as conducting anti-aircraft and naval surface warfare.

The USS Zumwalt is the first in a new line of revolutionary guided missile destroyers.

Only three Zumwalt-class ships will be built, as US Congress cut back funding for original plans for 32 ships, driving up the costs per ship.