And also...a thieving Santa, a donkey under arrest and brides on the run

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By Euronews
And also...a thieving Santa, a donkey under arrest and brides on the run

Every Friday journalists from euronews’ various language teams choose a selection of stories from Europe and beyond which did not reach the international headlines.

Thailand: In a hurry to begin married life!

There was no standing on ceremony for 100 Thai couples eager to win a big money wedding and honeymoon package. In fact, there was no standing at all!
The “Running of the Brides 4” event saw brides-to-be dash around a circuit in Bangkok, completing various challenges, in the hope of scooping the jackpot and starting married life in luxury.

USA: The law is an ass!

Picked up on the highway like a common criminal…and bundled into the back of a patrol car!

That was the fate of a donkey nicknamed Squishy, found wandering along a busy highway after going on the run.

The intervention of police in Norman, Oklahoma, though, may have saved the four-legged fugitive’s life as he was delivered safely to a temporary grazing area – before being reunited with his owner.

The bad news for the cops was that Squishy left some squishy ‘evidence’ on the back seat!

France: For sale, land in Palmyra

Don’t forget to read the small print before signing the dotted line…

The French government is reportedly selling off assets it owns in Syria’s ancient city of Palmyra. Sounds good?

Well before grabbing your cheque book, remember that Palmyra is in the hands of bloodthirsty jihadist group ISIL and that its militants are being bombed by France and others in a war against terrorism.

Two French senators discovered the unusual sale by Paris – apparently the result of an administrative error that failed to take into account Palmyra’s plight in 2015. Maybe investing in a villa in Barbados would be a wiser idea…

Turkey: Spot the difference – Is it Gollum or Erdogan?

A Turkish court has reportedly called in experts to determine whether the ‘Lord of the Rings’ character Gollum is good or evil – in the trial of a man accused of insulting President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Erdogan’s lawyers are taking action against doctor Bilgin Ciftci after he shared pictures on social media of the
Turkish leader, juxtaposed with those of the “small, slimy creature” immortalised in J.R.R. Tolkien’s fantasy novels.

A cinema specialist, a behavioural scientist and a psychologist are said to be among those deliberating.

In Turkey, insulting the president is a crime punishable by up to four years in jail.

Brazil: Will Santa be delivering your prezzies in a stolen helicopter?

Ho, ho, ho! Brazilian police are hunting for a Sao Paulo Santa Claus who kicked off the Christmas shopping season by stealing a helicopter.

The festive thief rented the aircraft from an air taxi service in the city for a Black Friday “surprise,” authorities there said.

But during the flight, Father Christmas forced the pilot to fly to a small farm, where they were met by a third person.

The pilot was then tied up and the two perpetrators flew away.