Is Europe a place where dreams can come true for refugees?

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By Euronews
Is Europe a place where dreams can come true for refugees?

The Croatian village of Opatovac has become the re-entry point into the European Union for thousands of people seeking a better life further north in Germany and beyond.

Croatia has become one of the main transit countries following Hungary’s decision to close its border with Serbia last week.

While Europe tries to find a solution the volunteers continue their work on the ground.

“We’re just trying to give them confidence, we say you’re safe, you’re in Europe, forget…. They’ve been through so much to get here,” explained a volunteer called Amram from Pakistan.

Each weary person passing through has a story of why they left their homes, of how they made it as far as Croatia and where they hope to reach.

Those who agree to register in the country are then brought to the border with Hungary much to the annoyance of Budapest.

Despite the difficulties the refugees passing through Croatia are clear why they have chosen Europe over countries closer to home?

“They didn’t provide us any help at all. Europe – they’ve opened their doors with the exception of some countries, – but most of them have been helpful,” said Ali, an Iraqi refugee passing through Croatia.

Euronews’ correspondent in Croatia, Attila Magyar, explained that for the refugees Europe is a place where their dreams can come true, however many are not fully aware of the reality of life in the EU.