Greeks back Tsipras once more as Syriza surges to election victory

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By Euronews
Greeks back Tsipras once more as Syriza surges to election victory

Alexis Tsipras defied his critics once again by pulling off a dramatic and conclusive victory in legislative elections.

The Syriza leader overcame fears that his support for austerity measures tied to an international bailout package would alienate the public. By claiming more than a third of votes, Tsipras was in a position to announce that he would continue his coalition with the Independent Greeks party.

Greek election results

Follow euronews’ live updates for the snap legislative election in Greece. Will Tsipras manage to hold on to power, or will the conservatives get enough votes to build their own coalition?

The snap elections were the third nationwide vote in Greece this year following a general election in January and a referendum over the bailout terms. Tsipras has now won them all convincingly.

Conservative New Democracy were unable to fulfil hopes from pre-election polls that indicated they were running neck and neck with Syriza.

Despite a surge in popularity with unemployed voters, far-right Golden Dawn could not capitalise on fears over immigration and scarcely improved on the 7 percent showing they managed in January.

Turnout in the election hit a record low of 55 percent.

Based on that calculation, Syriza would gain 145 seats in the 300-member parliament, and New Democracy 75. The Independent Greeks would get 10 votes, potentially giving a Syriza-Independent Greeks alliance a narrow majority.

How the night unfolded