FYROM: Macedonia declares state-of-emergency

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By Euronews
FYROM: Macedonia declares state-of-emergency

A state of emergency has been declared in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM), as crowds of migrants continue to gather on its southern border.

It is a very bad situation here

The Army has been brought in to maintain security as thousands wait,hoping to travel on to Serbia and Western Europe.

“It is a very bad situation here,” said one man in the crowd,“people are sleeping on the ground. No one cares about us. We have been here since yesterday and we sit here, we sleep here. There is no food, no water, nothing.”

“We got here at night time,” said another, a small child in his arms. “The weather is so cold in the morning. The children are getting sick.”


Police are struggling to manage the flow of people.

Riot control officers were called in to restore order as a crowd in the border town of Gevgelija tried to board a train that would take them on to Serbia.