UK election: what the media are saying

UK election: what the media are saying
By Charlotte Cullen
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Across the UK the media is reacting to the shock result of a Conservative majority in the 2015 general election. Here’s what some of them are saying.

The Guardian’s David Boyle thinks that the crushed Lib Dems will only bounce back if they rediscover their radical roots saying there are “no votes in compromise”.

Over at The Telegraph Dan Hoges thinks that Ed Miliband was the wrong man for the job, with the wrong team… and the wrong policies.

Stock market soars and pound surges as Tory #GE2015 win dispels market uncertainty

— Daily Mail U.K. (@DailyMailUK) May 8, 2015

The Independent is predicting that current Mayor of London Boris Johnson may be heading for No. 10 after his three election wins and consecutive increasing majorities.

Robert Shrimsley writing for the Financial Times predicts a “I told you so” backlash for Ed Miliband from Tony Blair supporters. He says: “Mr Miliband did not lose because of his inability to consume a bacon sandwich gracefully. He lost because in their quiet moments of reflection, voters did not believe he spoke to their aspirations.”

Lib Dems died the moment they joined the coalition, writes @stephentall

— Red Box (@timesredbox) May 8, 2015

For the Mirror, Jason Beattie hails Tory campaign mastermind Lynton Crosby for ruthlessly ramming home Tory advantages. “The Conservatives campaign was seen as sterile because it was unremittingly disciplined,” he writes.

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