Good Friday and the Passover coincide for a day of religious celebrations

Good Friday and the Passover coincide for a day of religious celebrations
By Euronews with REUTERS
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Friday, April 3 marks a day of religious commemorations the world over: Catholics, Evangelists and Protestants celebrate Good Friday, while Jews begin the Passover holiday.


A day after Islamist militants targeted Christians in a deadly attack on Garissa University in Kenya, worshippers the world over attended services commemorating Good Friday.

The Vatican

At The Vatican, Pope Francis listened to the preacher of the pontifical household accuse the international community of indifference to the increasing persecution of Christians.

Good Friday’s Passion of the Lord service is one of the few occasions on which the pontiff listens while somebody else preaches.

Francis could also be seen outside the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris on Thursday. A new wax figure of the religious leader was placed there ahead of being put on display in the French capital’s Grévin Museum.


Jews in Jerusalem began the Passover holiday on April 3. During the holiday, believers refrain from eating food products containing leavened wheat and oats.

The Passover commemorates the story of the Jewish exodus from Egypt in ancient times.

And Christian pilgrims from all over the world took to the streets of Jerusalem’s old town to walk the Via Dolorosa – retracing the route Jesus is said to have taken on the way to his crucifixion.

Cremisan, West Bank

While in the West Bank, Palestinian Christians held a similar procession.

In 2015, the Catholic, Evangelical and Protestant Churches all celebrated Good Friday on April 3. For the Orthodox and Armenian churches, Easter will be observed later in the month.

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