Protests erupt in Tunisia to denounce the museum attacks

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By Joanna Gill  with Reuters
Protests erupt in Tunisia to denounce the museum attacks

In the wake of the deadly museum siege in the Tunisian capital, many residents turned out in support of the police and against the attackers.

With banners reading ‘No to terrorism’ the demo sprung up soon after the standoff.

One of the tourists who was at the museum said, “It was a difficult experience,” but shed added, “I love Tunisia. I come very often to Hammamet. I thank the soldiers for protecting us.”

In France protests were held in Paris also denouncing terrorism.

Tunisia has battled to keep extremism at bay since the 2011 uprising. Until now attacks by Islamist militants have largely targeted members of the armed forces, as one Tunis resident points out, now they have attacked tourists. “It’s a sin”, she says adding ‘these people came as guests to our country. It makes me feel sorry, we’re sad. It’s a sin.” And she asks “Why did they do this to us?”

MPs at the nearby parliament had been debating an anti-terrorism bill at the time of the attack, the government now faces the tough task of balancing security with freedom.