Lawyers join anti-Charlie Hebdo protests in Pakistan

Lawyers join anti-Charlie Hebdo protests in Pakistan
By Euronews
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About 200 people in Karachi protest against the Charlie Hebdo newspaper


About 200 protesters took to the streets of Karachi in Pakistan to protest against the Charlie Hebdo newspaper.

One placard even cited Pope Francis as saying we should not make fun of other people’s faith.

Lawyers also staged a protest, boycotting their court cases.

One lawyer, S.K. Hasnain, said: “A global law needs to be passed to stop people doing anything sacrilegious against the Prophet.

“We don’t meddle in other people’s religions, and they can’t say things about our pure and simple religion, to misinterpret it and print misleading material in newspapers and magazines.”

A photographer with the French news agency AFP was injured during clashes in Pakistan.

There have also been protests in Yemen, the country where a purported branch of al-Qaeda claimed responsibility for the terrorist attacks in Paris.

A new cartoon of the Prophet Mohammed on the survivors’ cover of Charlie Hebdo has been praised by some but condemned by others as a further provocation.

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