Confusion over claims Iranian jets are attacking ISIL in Iraq

Confusion over claims Iranian jets are attacking ISIL in Iraq
By Euronews with Reuters, BBC
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Despite US claims co-ordination with Iran in Iraq would be "inappropriate", and Iran ruling out American influence in Iraq post-ISIL, Iranian F4 jets have reportedly bombed ISIL in Iraq


American military sources say Iranian jets have bombed ISIL positions in eastern Iraq. There has been no confirmation of the airstrikes from Tehran, and there has been no indication the attack
was co-ordinated with coalition forces fighting the Islamic militants.

It was the latest attack in several days of airstrikes in Diyala province, and there have been reports Iran has provided Iraq with Sukhoi SU 25 ground attack planes.

Representatives of the US-led anti-ISIL coalition are meeting in Brussels at NATO headquarters for a summit. Among their top priorities are stopping the flow of western Muslims joining ISIL from abroad, countering the extremists’ propaganda, and de-legitimising ISIL in the eyes of the local population.

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