Israeli police make arrests after synagogue killings

Israeli police make arrests after synagogue killings
By Euronews

Israeli forces have stormed the Jabal Mukaber neighbourhood of occupied East Jerusalem after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pledged to respond with a “heavy hand” to the killing of four Israelis in a synagogue.

There were clashes with local people as security forces went to make arrests.

An Israeli police spokeswoman said nine Palestinians were arrested, some of whom are related to the attackers.

In the Israeli-occupied West Bank, there were more clashes near the northern city of Nablus where police fired rubber bullets and locals threw stones.

In the Gaza Strip, where more than 2000 Palestinians were killed by Israeli forces over the summer including more than 500 children, there was little sympathy for the the Jewish worshippers killed in the synagogue.

Dozens took to the street to actively celebrate their deaths and share out sweets.

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