Giraffe dies after 'hitting its head on motorway bridge'

Giraffe dies after 'hitting its head on motorway bridge'
By Chris Harris  with AFP

A young giraffe died after hitting its head on a motorway bridge, according to an animal welfare charity.

The accident happened as two giraffes were travelling behind a lorry on a motorway in Pretoria, South Africa, reported AFP news agency.

Rick Allan, local manager for the society for the prevention of cruelty to animals (SPCA) in South Africa, said: “Two giraffes were being transported by road. One of them had an accident. We don’t know exactly what happened but we were told it hit its head against a bridge.”

Allan added the young giraffe – who would have had its eyes covered during the transit – died from head injuries. The other giraffe was not injured.

He said the SPCA had begun an investigation into the incident and could bring a complaint against the animal’s owners.

The giraffe’s death is seemingly a case of fiction becoming reality. The American comedy film, The Hangover Part III, has a similar scene.

Pictures later began circulating on the internet of the giraffes prior to the accident:

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