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Ukraine: your points of view on the protests

Ukraine: your points of view on the protests
By Euronews
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Tens of thousands of Ukrainians demonstrated in Kyiv this weekend to denounce the government’s decision to reject a deal that would have brought the country closer to the European Union. This decision has divided the country and split opinion across Europe.
You have shared your points of view with us. And you still can by sending us an email at or leaving a comment on Facebook or Vkontakte.

Here is what you have been telling us:

Against the EU deal

For the EU deal / Against the president

Against the EU deal

Alain Milossavlyevich – 03/12

The EU (spearheaded by Germany) is simply trying to realize with peaceful and financial means what they haven’t succeeded in the Second World war with physical, military means, which is the destruction of the Slavic-Orthodox cultural heritage and exploitation of both humane, natural and economical resources/market of the given country or countries, which will to their destruction as it was the case with Serbia or more recently Bulgaria. Serbia after implementing a similar association agreement with the EU had its industry either collapsed or was sold to Western companies, the market became flooded with Western products that were cheaper than the local ones, after what prices on products and food went up by 2-3 times with communal bills (gas, electricity) increased by the astonishing 300%. The unemployment in Serbia today stands at 27% vs. 6% in Ukraine. So look where you’re headed. #### Dima Antipov – 02/12

From Kiev, Ukraine and AGAINST signing agreement with EU. Bulgaria become EU member and in result of losing its Russia market the Bulgaria industry completely collapsed, and from lead agricultural producer Bulgaria begin to import veggies from Turkey. 21% of the Bulgarian population either die out in EU-made poverty or emigrated (Bulgarian population fall from 9 Mln to 7 Mln during the “golden EU times”, yuck). #### Damir Saifullin – 02/12

You speak as if offered full membership. Have you seen this agreement? You are not given any guarantees in exchange of a complete submission and change of all the rules and also open borders that will lead to the collapse of local production. #### Alina Novikova – 02/12

I agree with the Ukrainian government’s!
A lot of provocation from opposition! #### Vlad Whatgt 02/12

Of course the EU wants Ukraine, a large piece of fresh meat. It is sad that Ukraine itself wants to go, when half of Europe hates EU.
I’m afraid that it will not end soon, as different personalities have arrived and said they support the rally. #### Lala Babaeva – 02/12

Unfortunately, many Ukrainians have no idea what the association consists of. It is not a good deal at all for Ukraine, the main goal for them is just leave the country and find work in Europe with hopes that someone is waiting for them. Moreover the association won’t even allow to travel without visa. #### Kenosis Aetermum – 02/12

The EU as U.S. protectorate, since these are losing ground to the emerging powers, attempts to put pressure on Ukraine to be part of that Federalist monster. As always they notice only the ones who are pro-EU, as if the entire country supports their agenda. Don’t be stupid, EU is not a good choice. I know you’ve got several motives to dislike Russia, but look at all countries which are part of European Union, some of them are near death! If you do that choice you’re gonna embrace the dispossession of yourself, economic and cultural. #### Dano Behrens – 02/12

If Ukraine goes more toward EU it will lose big parts of its sovereignty. German politicians and EU-bureaucrats will have the commandment over Ukrainian economy and western capitals will influence Ukrainian politics. Klitschko has no political experience and is just a marionette of the German bourgeoisie and the criminal energy behind the Tymoshenko mafia. He won’t have Ukraine under his control. I think it’s better for Ukraine to collaborate closely with Moscow and Beijing, cause if not, the same will happen as in Greece. #### Sotiris Karvelis – 02/12

Ask Greece, Italy, Spain, Slovenia, Portugal and so on… Poor Ukrainians you have so much to learn about EU, you have so much to lose from the EU (especially your independence).Germany is waiting for you like a hungry wolf. And you Ukraine you’ll be the fresh meat for the teeth of Adolph Merkel. I’m starting to cry for you…

> Jose Lopes – 02/12

And you have so much to learn about history: Germany is not the hungry wolf here because the giant bear (Putin) already ate all the meat! Why don't you ask Greece to leave the EU and join Putin's trade union? You would have a taste of what really is to live without independence!

> Sotiris Karvelis – 02/12

Jose Lopes I’m begging to God to leave EU but my government doesn’t want to. I really wonder why people & nation must always have a supervisor to control their lives. Say NO to EU say NO to Putin and say NO THANKS to anyone want to steal your life. The power is YOU...

> Jose Lopes – 02/12

Agree to leave the Euro, not the EU! (look at the Czechs, how smart they are staying independent but belonging to EU). My point is: any form of government is better than staying in the claws of Putin! Anything is better than that! Whatever road the Ukrainians choose is good, as long as they get independent from Russia!

Philippe da Cruz Lisboa - 26/11

I have Belgian origins and live in Brussels. I am currently travelling in Ukraine. I speak Russian and know Ukraine pretty well.
To me, Ukraine signing a free-trade deal with the EU represents a huge risk because the minimum salary there is only 80$ a month !
It would open the doors to many traffics and unmanaged immigration.
There are no opportunities in this country except from iron mining. Ukrainian citizens only want to join the EU to migrate in the west.


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Videos courtesy of Armando C.

For the EU deal and/or against the president

Sergiy Chorny – 02/12

There is no validity in comparison where Ukraine should go.
People against the EU are talking about Ukraine is being a large piece of fresh meat for Europe or local population is deceived about the deal.
Why don’t they talk about a new Russian inslavement in their backward trade union? Are all those efforts to keep Ukraine under the Russian influence explained only by the “brother’s love and care”. Ask yourself the question from which nation the Ukrainians were suffering the most and the answer is obvious. #### Ivan Medvedev – 02/12

Of course I want in EU at 120%!
We live under russians in USSR 70 years… NO MORE USSR!!! #### Viktor Rali – 02/12


Ukraine is a European state! Ukrainians made their choice in 1991. What is happening in Ukraine today is the continuation of the European integration process which is now headed by the Ukrainian people because of not wanting the corrupt government and the president to carry out its work on the implementation of the direct orders of the people. Yanukovych and Azarov have betrayed the Ukrainian people and put themselves outside the law. After the victory of the Eurorevolution Ukrainian people will judge them as criminals! #### Alyona Hlyvko – 02/12

Absolutely pro-EU protesters, like 90% of Ukraine’s population. We’ve definitely had enough of our incompetent and useless president, whose main goal is just to provide for himself. It seems as if it’s not even in his nature to think or act as a president of a 47 million nation. As The Economist wrote , he acts like a ‘thug and a thieve’. #### Roma Antonevych – 02/12

I’m Ukrainian and I do support pro-EU politics. These protests are not pro-EU anymore, now they are anti-president because people couldn’t imagine what cruelty they can get from the government. I was protesting in Lviv and Kyiv and tomorrow I’ll go again to Kyiv and I’ll fight for my freedom and my opportunity for better life. I wish to be with my friends from Kharkiv now on the Maidan fighting together. #### Natie Gnatush – 02/12

I’m Ukrainian. And I would like to say that the problem of choice: EU vs. Russia just discovered the deepest crisis in the society! Nowadays people are standing on the squares for their lives, rights, children’s future. Today in Ukraine it is impossible to protect yourself with such institutions like courts and police! These institutions became private institutions! And the steps of the Ukrainian politicians (opposition also) show that they don’t want to provide any kind of social changes. #### Igor Pavlov – 02/12

I’m Ukrainian and I came from Moscow to Lviv to support the protesters. I have no illusion about perfect future of Ukraine in the EU, but i can’t tolerate the government which betrays expectations of Ukrainian people. #### Alessandro Martinelli – 02/12


I was in the Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine even yesterday, we was in 5000 people! Fighting for the right, for freedom and for dignity! #### Alexander Emetz

Tymoshenko and Ukrainian demonstrations are not connected.
Opposition leaders lost their popularity because of mercenaries politics and idle positions. The people’s movement is against slavery which was proposed by the Ukrainian oligarchy. They hope that Europe can help them when Ukraine will be associated. So, the demonstration is for Europe and not for any prisoner or leader. #### Ostap Petrushchak – 29/11

I am a Ukrainian resident in Spain. I would like to emphasise that even though many citizens have a poor confidence in the Eurozone under the current situation, the EU values and economy, from my point of view, are exemplary.
I find it shameful that a president give in so easily to the Russian pressure and abandon the responsibilities due to his position.
I would also like to inform you that symbolic protests are organized by Ukrainian communities in many European cities. Here is a picture from Barcelona. #### Svieta Gulko (Света Гулько) – 29/11

I think that the decision not to sign the EU association deal is Ukraine’s biggest error. Ukrainians really want to be a part of EU in future.
We are disappointed and frustrated that Ukraine did not dare taking a step forward. We are committed to European life, education, medicine, justice. We really want the European level of life!!! Ihope that EU won’t close its doors to Ukraine, and will help us join the association!

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