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Fireworks hit Buckingham Palace during Guy Fawkes night protest in London

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By Euronews
Fireworks hit Buckingham Palace during Guy Fawkes night protest in London

Fireworks were fired at Buckingham Palace, with the Queen in residence, amid protests to mark Guy Fawkes Night in London on Tuesday night (see video below). It’s not thought any damage was done to the historic tourist attraction and no injuries were reported, although there were minor scuffles between police and demonstrators.

The protest, which passed in front of the Houses of Parliament, Trafalgar Square and other London landmarks before arriving at the palace, was organised by groups including Anonymous in what was promoted on social media as the Million Mask March across hundreds of cities worldwide. While the objective of the protest according to Anonymous was to “spark the movement back into action against the persecution of internet freedom”, other groups such as Occupy joined to voice their anger over austerity and other diverse government policies.

Million Mask Marches take place across the world

The march in London was largely trouble-free. One British MP who took part in the rally described the protest outside parliament as “peaceful”, although there were reports of pushing and shoving when police tried to get the protesters to move on.

The date was particularly significant in the UK, where every year on November 5 people celebrate Guy Fawkes Night. Guy Fawkes was an English Catholic who was executed after trying to blow up Parliament in the notorious Gunpowder Plot in 1605. It is also his face, as depicted in the 2006 film V for Vendetta, that adorns the masks worn by members of the Anonymous hactivist group.