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Issues in the French presidential run-off

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Issues in the French presidential run-off
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In the first round of the French Presidential election there was a mixture of tactical voting and votes cast in anger. According to the pollsters, Francois Holland should win the second round.

Voters who in the last presidential election had approved Nicolas Sarkozy’s call for change have turned their backs on him. Many of them voted for other candidates, party leaders who will play a key role in the outcome of the second round.

What are the messages which voters have sent out? And how will the two candidates use those messages to win? The economy is struggling, unemployment still overwhelming, exports slipping. Security and immigration concerns have led many French voters to the extreme right. How will the candidates sell their the energy policy and environmental policies in a country that produces up to 80% of its electricity by nuclear power?

The guests to answer those questions are Frederic Simon, France 24 correspondent in Brussels, Aurelien Renard, marketing director at Gallup Europe and Stephan Simons, a correspondent for Spiegel Online.