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It's a media world

It's a media world
By Euronews
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These days the media is almost everywhere. It creates a huge impact. Increasingly it is not just something we can learn from, but something we need to learn about.

The media fascinates and influences many young people, but few understand what a varied industry it is. Learning World has been to France, Haiti and the US to see how students are mastering skills from creating radio reports to becoming an actor.

Shedding a light on the world of film

Cinema is basically the art of telling a story through sound and vision. But it takes great skill and where better to teach children the A to Z of cinema than in the place where the art was invented the French city of Lyon?

Reporting Haiti, students take to the airwaves

Haiti is a place that has long made headlines and has proven to be a fertile ground for journalists.

Learning World explores a different kind of media experience as we follow young people who are learning how to turn their issues and problems into radio reports.


The silver screen’s future stars

Being a celebrity is a dream for many – including the very young. In New York, one of the most highly regarded film schools runs a course aiming to teach children how to become famous actors and provide them with the tools they need.

Learning World spent some time with the children who could be the future stars of the screen and stage.

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